3 free Maya Tools

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This is a set of 3 Maya Tools.

Align Tool

Align any objects to selected faces.

– store your object you want to align

– align them to your selection (save up to 2 selection, able to combine these two)

– switch between the axis

– select or combine your output

Cable Tool

Create fast cables on your drawn cruves.

– draw one or more curves

– select them

– tweak the settings

– bake the cable

Multiobject Tool

Simple tool to handle multiple objects.

– select objects by your current selection or by a name

– able to combine and seperate the objects (history will be deleted)


Open the .py file in your Maya Script Editor and Save Script to Shelf.

Copy the icons to: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\maya\201X\prefs\icons.

Questions or Bugs?

Message me on Artstation (xxmarkxx) or Gumroad.

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3 free Maya Tools

10 ratings
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